Wednesday, 3 October 2012

There may be trouble ahead …

As the penny starts to drop for the British Parking Association that their organisation is as good as the worst of the apples in the barrel we predict that whilst there may be trouble ahead there ain’t gonna be much dancing going on … except for officials at the DVLA who have created a lucrative industry based on the free, unfettered supply of public data to private land parking operators, many of whom have paid scant regard to the BPA’s VOLUNTARY Code of Practice.
How do we know of the pending doom?

Check out this here

A very bright spotlight is about to be shone on an ‘industry’ the Minister failed to properly examine before embarking on a route which will end up causing a great deal of embarrassment for all concerned.
The motoring public were cynical and suspicious previously about the legitimacy of private land parking enforcement in its attempt to mimic local authority enforcement. Now the hot poultice of publicity is about to be smeared on the top of a festering boil!

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