Monday, 1 October 2012

Darwen motorist slams ‘immoral’ Blackburn car park fine

Robin Cronshaw, an IT manager from Darwen, was handed a £90 ticket after parking next to the Vue Cinema in the Peel Leisure and retail Park, Blackburn, as he went to use the on-site DW Gym which neighbours the cinema.
The car park is managed by Lytham-based CMS (UK) Ltd, which has erected notices that tickets will be issued if cars are parked on the site and the owners leave the retail park boundaries.
Mr Cronshaw said: “They don’t define where the boundaries of the retail park are, so how do you know whether you’re leaving or not?
“I only went to the gym and thought that I was well within the rules.
“When I came out there were 10 to 15 other cars that had tickets on, and there were a lot of angry motorists.
“I think it’s completely wrong and immoral because they’re just trying to catch people out.
“I am going to appeal because £90 is a lot of money.”

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