Monday, 8 October 2012

Council Leader opposed to MEVs Equita wishing to provide a vehicle!

NMAG supports Tendering District Council Leader’s position of resisting revenue-raising CCTV cars.  There are more effective ways of ensuring that parents do not park wrongly outside schools and that involves road safety initiatives with schools and parents and providing a visible Civil Enforcement Officer deterrent … a bit like when Bobbies used to walk the beat and prevent crime.

The involvement of a bailiff company in the provision of such enforcement vehicles, that being only for profitable purposes, should be alarming to any responsible member of a local authority.

Essex: Council leader Neil Stock speaks out over CCTV car proposals

A COUNCIL leader has spoken out about proposals to introduce patrolling CCTV cars outside schools.
Outgoing Tendring District Council leader Neil Stock has called for evidence to prove that CCTV cars will solve parking problems.
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