Monday, 1 October 2012


MOTORISTS have been told to expect the biggest ever shake-up in transport policy.
It came as a minister predicted the abolition of vehicle tax, big cuts in fuel duties and a new system of road tolls for every mile travelled.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said a national system of road pricing was inevitable, adding: “Every government of every colour will get there, whatever parties say now.”

He explained that the drift towards electric and cleaner cars would force the Treasury to look at replacing the billions of pounds it is likely to lose through traditional carbon tax revenues.

Mr Baker wants a revenue neutral” system of road pricing in which there would be no difference in overall costs for the average motorist.

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  1. It will be hard to reach this kind of day in age where all is green. Its hard to reach because it is extremely difficult to put together a perfect equilibrium of the gas prices, and those vehicles in competition with vehicles that are nature friendly. I say we find a way to go completely green without having to blow up mountain tops daily in the country just to fuel a few cars. Yup. But its hard. We would have to find alot of new metal resources if we want to produce a whole new age of cars.

    -David Enabulele