Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Parking ticket crusader faces selling his home after losing £40,000 legal fight against council over bays and signs

A grandfather could be forced to sell his home to pay £40,000 in legal costs after losing a High Court battle over parking tickets.

Barry Moss launched a one-man crusade against his local council and successfully appealed against dozens of tickets for friends, family – and even strangers.

The retired roofer argued that Bolton Council’s parking bays and signage did not comply with Department for Transport regulations. But when he took the council’s auditors, KPMG, to the High Court to claim some of the authority’s income had therefore been obtained illegally, he lost the case.

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  1. Cant believe the high court found in favour of the council.It was blatantly clear the councils road markings were not up to current standards and so they were illegally obtaining money from motorists.

    1. The high court has said 'you could not be confused'. Many people have taken 'advice' on road markings having become faded over time and missing T bars being a ground for getting a ticket cancelled. The end markings on parking bays having to be lawful traffic signs.
      However, 'you could not have been confused' is being thrown at hundreds of motorists who have appealed thinking that your so called experts know what they are talking about. some idiot has spent upwards of £150,000 losing a judicial review just so that the adjudicators can refuse an appeal based on the alleged non-compliant signs and road markings.
      Will NMAG now refund all the penalty charges levied on motorists who had taken their cases to adjudication on the totally and shameful bad advice given by them and their associate and LOST because they 'could not have been confused'?

  2. They take away this poor oldman's home for loosing a case.What about the person with the colour photo who won his case,pay is expenses.A contradiction on the governments site wouldn't you say,incompetent b******s.

    1. What you don't know is that the National Motorists Action Group's motorists legal challenge fund promised Barry Moss that they would support him financially from the fund which, they say, is there for motorists (plural). However the money collected by the Motorists Legal Challenge fund was all spent on one failed judicial review which was always unwinnable.
      Richard Bentley was paid thousands of pounds putting together the most idiotic arguments about so called non-compliant traffic signs and probably gave the high court judges a jolly good laugh.
      Barry never received one penny from these charlatans.
      The national motorists action group is still made up of the same idiots who ran the London Motorists Action Group. They are a bunch of thieving scoundrels none of whom have got a clue what it's all about and who jump on everybody else's bandwagon. They have no successes of their own.
      My advice is to keep your money in your pocket.
      The only associate of this organisation worth anything is bailiff advice online which is highly recommended and is most definitely run by the most knowledgeable person on the subject of bailiffs.