Tuesday, 8 January 2013

‘Parking mad’ Barry set to be star on TV

A PENSIONER who once described himself as a “thorn in the side” of Bolton Council’s parking department is set to star in a BBC documentary.
Parking Mad airs on BBC 1 tomorrow and features the story of Barry Moss, from Westhoughton.
He waged an unsuccessful High Court case against Bolton Council’s auditors KPMG in 2010, after he claimed the authority had gained money from issuing “unlawful” tickets.

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  1. how can we donate to barry towards his exorbitant costs?

  2. Yep, would like to donate too, more so however, come to understand how on earth contesting audited accounts warranted 40k in costs.

  3. Following the airing of 'Parking Mad' on the BBC, I too am in the same position as the above two, asking how can people donate what little they can possibly 'spare' to help this, pensioner, Barry Moss, avoid the loss of his home, following losing his case, and having exhorbitant costs awarded against him at the High Court?

    I have pitifully little income to donate from, but if every person, poor or not, who has ever felt angry, resentful or upset about an unjust parking ticket, fine, or ANY injustice for that matter, donated SOMETHING towards these costs it would mean that he, and his long-suffering wife - could keep their home.

    I don't own a house, or even so much as a shed nowadays. In fact, I don't even own my own car now - as Motability Finance do! But I DID own all these once when I was able to work - and it was more than 'gut wrenching' having to sell my first and only home due to sudden, and unfortunately long term, disability. At the time I was heartbroken about the 'injustice of it all', but there was nothing I could do about it at that time. However, a small donation towards these costs is one way in which I, and thousands more, could stave off one injustice which should NEVER have arisen!

    I worked in the Legal System, and the sad fact is, NO 'small person' can afford the risk of seeking justice by challenging the wealthy or a 'BIG ORGANISATION' in the High Court due to the way in which costs are awarded under English Law - and that's shameful!

  4. I feel sorry for Barry, who has become a victim of a system that is clearly working against the people it is supposed to serve. How are individuals supposed to stand up for their rights, when the government has endless resources to throw at you?

    Note also that Private Parking companies may only charge for loss of revenue (the parking fee), they are not legally allowed to impose a fine. PPCs hound you even if you weren't the driver of the vehicle. I have been harrassed by one for a year now. Both Council and PPC fees are outrageous and the whole system even hits people trying to make simple deliveries. The system is at loggerheads with the people. It is little wonder our economy is going down the pan, when all our government thinks about is how to cream more money off people in order to fuel their unabated spending! Who do these people think they serve, because it isn't us?

  5. I see that the quality of reporting at the Bolton News is high. "Will be showed"?! Really?!

  6. I found Barry's email address in a blog it is bmoss@ntlworld.com