Friday, 11 January 2013

Barry’s parking ticket bid caught on camera

A PARKING campaigner was seen on a TV documentary deliberately getting a parking ticket in Bury.
Parking Mad aired on BBC 1 on Tuesday night and featured Barry Moss, a pensioner from Westhoughton, who had waged an unsuccessful High Court case against Bolton Council’s auditors KPMG in 2010.

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  1. Barry,
    Got my sympathy, I also fight parking tickets. Don't like the possibility of you losing your house. If your family and friends organize a petition locally, and 39,999 and me put in a pound, your problems are on the way to being solved.
    Brian J. London


  2. Barry please get up your Paypal address. The motorists of Britain will donate to pay your court costs

  3. put me down too please, until you contact me i have given a small amount to - would like to put a pound in though for you sir. Not enough people are standing up for our/their rights and long gone it seems are the days when people stand shoulder to shoulder for whats right in this country.

    1. The motorists legal challenge fund promised to support Barry financially but gave him not a single penny. They egged him on telling him how he would win his case hands down but when it came to the money after Barry lost his case they zipped up their purses. Instead all the money collected went to the Sunderland failed judicial review and to pay off a campaigner's loans. If you have donated money to these thieves I suggest you ask for it back and send the money direct to Barry.