Friday, 28 December 2012

Blue badge disabled parking to be extended in Wales

The blue badge parking scheme for disabled people is being extended to those with conditions such as autism, the Welsh government has announced.

The badges will now be offered to those with 'severe cognitive impairments'.

They will also be automatically available for those on the new system of personal independence payments (Pip) which come into force next spring.

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  1. I would like to bring to your attention issues developing and affecting legitimate disabled people applying for renewal following the Blue Badge Reforms introduced.

    The Blue Badge Scheme is really important to me and other disabled people with mobility problems because it allows us to park close to our destinations. If you are disabled, you really do rely on your own vehicle and the hardest thing can be parking and that is why the Blue Badge is so important.

    However, the Blue Badge Reforms are being applied too strictly. Regardless of whether a person is actually disabled and whether holding a badge would be beneficial from a mobility perspective, if you are able to walk 80 metres, you are no longer eligible for a Blue Badge, i.e.
    ‘Applicants who can walk more than 80 metres (87.5 yards) and do not demonstrate very considerable difficulty in walking through any other factors would not be deemed eligible’.

    The mobility assessment now in place fails to take into consideration:
    • If a person is recognized as disabled.
    • If a person has a permanent disability.
    • If a person has a physical disability that affects walking and that disability is likely to be impacted by not holding a Blue Badge.

    I have held a Blue Badge for 30 years, I am not a fraudster and holding a Blue Badge is an important factor in my lifestyle. Not re-issuing me with a Blue Badge just because I am capable of walking 80 metres could have a detrimental effect on my mobility in the future.

    My assessment and appeal letter to the Blue Badge Team at West Sussex County Council have been a waste of time, and the Ombudsman can only investigate and state there is no evidence of fault in the way the council decided not to renew my Blue Badge.
    I have contacted my local MP and will continue my campaign against the decision not to renew my Blue Badge.

    Mr R
    Crawley, West Sussex